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Connect to an ArcGIS REST API data source

An ArcGIS server is a server for geospatial data and web services produced by Esri. With a query endpoint, Koordinates is able to scan and add data from public ArcGIS servers. We are also able to add data from ArcGIS servers that have a username and password.

Connect an ArcGIS REST API Source source


Select 'New Admin' from the Admin menu


Select 'Manage Sources' 


Click 'Add a Source' and select 'ArcGIS Rest API'


Paste the URL endpoint for your ArcGIS REST API


Give your source a meaningful title and choose an Owning Group

Owning Groups are used to categorise and manage permissions on data. Don't worry if you're not sure—you'll be able to change the Owning Group before importing any data into your data service.


Click Connect

If correctly configured, your Data Service will immediately connect and scan your ArcGIS REST API data source. 

Manage your ArcGIS REST API data source


Select 'Manage Sources' 


Select your source

To locate your source, browse the source list, or add a keyword into the search bar.


Edit Connection URL or Details for your source. 


Click Save