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Add and manage attachments

Koordinates allows publishers to attach file documents (such as PDFs) to published datasets. These attachments can be then be accessed by users appraising the data, and will be included with every data download. 

Attachments are often used to provide key contextual information that may not be included in metadata, such as data dictionaries and published reports.

How to Add Attachments


Select 'Admin' from the top menu


Select 'Manage Data'

This will provide a list of all the datasets published to your account. 


Select the dataset against which you wish to add an attachment

To locate your dataset, you can search by keyword and filter by group, type, status, date created, and the dataset's last update. 


Click 'Add Attachment'

You'll have the option of uploading from your desktop, or browsing documents added previously. To learn more about importing file documents (the most common type of attachment), see 'Upload and Manage File Documents.'

Note that if you are planning to add a document that has already been published to your Koordinates account, you'll only be able to add documents that you have permissions to edit. 


Provide details about your attachment, and click 'Save'

After uploading your file, you will be asked to provide a range of additional information, including:

Title: Edit the default title of your document

Group: Decide which group the document will be available for. This will determine the permissions for your document

Description: Write a short description of your dataset

Category: Decide which category the document will be available under

License: Choose a license for your document

Managing Attachments


Select 'Manage Data' from the 'New Admin' menu


Click on your file document

As a shortcut, you can select 'Type' and 'Document' from the 'Filter' dropdown to limit your results. 


Click the 'Attached to x layers' link


Click ellipses to 'Edit' or 'View' attachment

'Edit' will give you the chance to remove the attachment from the data layer. 

'View' will take you to the attachment itself in your data portal.