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Everything you need to know to publish and share data.

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Manually upload and import data


Select Manage Data from the Admin menu


Click Add and Upload

You will find Add in the main menu to the left of your screen.


Select the group you want to own your data

Select the appropriate group from those listed. The group you select will be the designated owner of the data on your Koordinates site.


Upload your data

Select Upload Data and you’ll be given the option of uploading either directly from your hard drive, or from a URL.

Click Browse to select your chosen data archive. Note that Koordinates sites require data to be archived in ZIP, ZIP64 and 7z. The archive itself, however, can include a range of data types, which are listed here.

You can also upload your data via URL by selecting Add data from URL tab. Just enter the link to the data archive, and your Koordinates site will do the rest.


Import your data

Once your data is uploaded, you will be automatically taken to Import & Update Data, where you will see a list of uploaded datasets. You can also reach this page by selecting Import & Update Data from the dashboard.

From there, simply select the data you want to import and click Import.


Enter layer information

After importing your data, you will be asked to enter your layer details - that is, the details for the data you have uploaded and imported. This will give you the opportunity to enter descriptive information about the data, set licensing terms and set permissions.

If you want to skip this step, you can click Import Now. You can always edit these details later on.

Note that if you are updating a dataset that already exists on your Koordinates site, click Update Existing.