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Data Storage Analytics Report

Note that the data provided in the report is a snapshot of data storage used on that specific day.

Finding the Data Storage analytics report

To find the Data Storage Analytics Report, select Analytics in the main menu to the left of your screen.

The Analytics button will provide you with a list of reports. Select the Data Storage report.

The Storage Summary

The Data Storage Analytics Report comes in two parts.

The first part, at the top of the report, provides a summary of storage usage for a three different types of data: vector and tabular data; raster and grid data; and, finally, document and attachment data, broken down by file type.

By default, the report will show current storage usage, though you can also access historical storage usage data by selecting the calendar tab in the top right of the screen.

Note that the data provided in the report is a snapshot of data storage used on that specific day.

The forecast summary

The second part of the report provides a forecast for your data storage used on your Koordinates site. This section using your historical data storage trends to predict your future storage needs.

Using the drop-down menu, you can change what kind of data is represented in your data storage forecast.

This menu will give you the option to decide:

  • how far into the future the forecast is projected
  • how much historical data should contribute to the forecast
  • when the forecast should end (for example, you may wish base your forecast on the end of your financial cycle).

Data Storage reports for individual datasets

You can also get a Data Storage report for each dataset. To access this report, simply click on your chosen dataset and select the Analytics tab. This will provide you with a range of analytics reports specific to that dataset, including Data Storage.

This report will be identical to the data storage report outlined above, except it will represent the data storage used for a single dataset, rather than for an entire Koordinates site.

Download the Data Storage Report

You can download the report as a PDF by clicking the download button in the top right of your screen.