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Service Reports

Service reports provide a range of data on the performance of your Koordinates site, including the speed and error rate for specific kinds of datasets.

In this report, we outline how to find, understand, customise and download service reports for your Koordinates site.

Finding the analytics reports

To find the analytics reports, select Analytics on the left of your screen.

The service reports summary

You will then be given a range of options, including Service Reports. Select this option, and you will see a range of summary reports for monitored services on your Koordinates site.

These brief summary reports will give you the daily and monthly of tiles served for that particular dataset.

For a more detailed report, select View Report.

Service report

At the top of the full service report, you'll see a summary of the total tiles requested, the mean response time and the error rate for your chosen dataset.

Below the summary, a graph displays the dataset's response profile - that is, its response time for users in the 50th, 90th and 99th percentiles.

The second graph compares the total number of tile requests with the number of error rates in a particular period of time. Note that the scale of the error rate will be provided on the far right axis.

Changing the zoom levels

In the menu at the top of the report, you can filter your service report to various zoom levels. This will help you to determine response times and error rates for specific zoom levels for your chosen dataset.

By default, the report is set for all zoom levels.

Changing the date range

You can also use the menu at the top of the report to change the date range. Click on the existing date to see a calendar. Select your new dates for the 'From' and 'To' ranges to be given service report for that date range.

Download your service report

Download a PDF of your service report by clicking the download symbol in the top right of your screen.