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Everything you need to know to publish and share data.

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Set up a theme and identity for your site

Before you launch your site, you will need to make some decisions about its identity and appearance.

Koordinates offers some basic branding options, which will identify you as the data publisher, while keeping the site attractive for end-users. We also allows administrators to easily establish the identity of the site, including URL and site name.


Select Site Settings from the Admin menu


Establish your site identity

The first tab under Identity and Appearance is Site Identity.

This tab allows you to establish the basic identity of your site, including:

  • Site name: Note that this is distinct from your organisation’s name.
  • Site owner: This is the name of the organisation publishing data on your site.
  • Site owner short name: This could be an acronym, and will be used within your site when display space is minimal.
  • URL: This the URL for your site.
  • Site description: This is also used as the site metadata for the CS-W web service
  • Prefix for downloads: This will be used as a prefix on the domain used for your downloads
  • Copyright message: This is the message that will appear after the copyright ‘c’ on your site. You may decide to use your organisation’s name, though it is up to you.
  • Country: The country in which your organisation is based.
  • Site slogan: A slogan for your site or organisation.


Establish your theme

The second tab under Identity and Appearance is Theme. This enables you to customise the branding and appearance on your site.

There are four options.

Main Logo

The main logo is the logo of the site itself. This will appear on the home page, every map-based page, as well as the login and registration pages.

It should be:

  • 24 bit PNG with transparent background
  • Max 170px wide
  • Max 50px high
  • Aim to maximise the available space (170 x 50 px)

Shortcut icon

The shortcut icon is used by web browsers and desktop shortcuts to identify the site.

This should be a very simple icon which is an easily identifiable portion of the logo or branding. It should be:

  • 8 bit GIF
  • 16px by 16px or 32px by 32px
  • No animation

Owner logo

The owner logo is the logo of your organisation, as distinct from the site logo. You may decide that this logo will be the same as the site logo.

Theme colour

Koordinates provides a range of built-in colour schemes. Toggle the slider to choose the theme that best suits the branding of your organisation.